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Liverpool Mishmash Poster

Order fulfilled by Roundhead Illustration.

The 'Liverpool Mishmash' poster measures approximately 695mm x 993mm. Printed on 170g paper with a gloss finish, the poster is shipped rolled in cellophane wrap inside a sturdy cardboard tube. To ensure high standards of distribution, there is a maximum limit of six posters per order.

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About the Liverpool Mishmash poster

To mark the end of the 30-year wait for a league title, the 'Liverpool Mishmash' is available to order on This Is Anfield.
Designed by football illustrator Alex Bennett, the unique artwork is the history of the Reds in one image - from the club's inception in 1892 to the 2020 Premier League  title.
After nine months and over 1,500 hours of painstaking work, this unique artwork it is finally finished and you can order it today on This Is Anfield.

The artwork was completed in July 2020, with Jordan Henderson's Premier League trophy lift gloriously completing the piece.



About the artist

Alex Bennett is a talented illustrator whose clients include BBC, Sky Sports, the NFL, Watford Football Club, West Ham United Football Club, Manchester City Football Club and Swansea City Football Club.  

He designed his first 'Football Mishmash' in 2013 and began the Liverpool Mishmash in 2019, ready for completion when title Number 19 was won. 

Read This Is Anfield's Q&A with Alex here


Design process — in the artist's words

"I spent a couple of months working on adding some of the more obvious things to the canvas. For example, the first things that went in were the Shankly Gates, Grobbelaar’s spaghetti legs and Gerrard kissing the camera at Old Trafford.

"Once I added those in, I opened it up to social media to ask for ideas and suggestions from supporters.


Alex Bennett's Liverpool Mishmash at an early stage — October 2018.


"When people get the jist of the idea and see that I am adding their suggestions, a small wave of information suddenly turns into an avalanche of stories, images and anecdotes. It has become near enough impossible to respond to everyone’s ideas so I apologise now, I wasn’t being rude! I did read everything though!

"I illustrate everything using the medieval tools of pencil, paper and ink. Once I am happy with the outlines, I will take them into Photoshop where I add colour, shading and the shirt graphics and numbers. Once I am happy with the accuracy, I will take the individual drawing into the main Mishmash canvas.

"A certain scenario such as Collymore’s late winner vs. Newcastle has to be placed where he scored on that part of the pitch. 


Left to right: "Collymore closing in!!!"; Smooches with Origi; Flag & banners of the Kop.

"As it builds up, it becomes more and more like piecing together a jigsaw in reverse. Some things can move anywhere but certain key incidents can’t move and therefore dictate where other moments can go.

"Over the course of the 20 months of creating this, I have reduced the scale twice. I always knew I was going to be depicting the Kop, and one of the many things the Kop is famous for is the banners and flags. The amount I have been asked to put in has been relentless. They have taken up a fair bit of room so I have adjusted the scale to where it hopefully has a balance between them and the rest of the crowd."

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The Liverpool Mishmash mounted and framed (poster sold unmounted and unframed). Speak to P and J Framing Ltd regarding framing options.

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